World TVET Conference, 12 - 15 September 2017, Queenstown New Zealand

TVET 2017 Conference Questionnaire

One of the objectives of the World TVET Conference 2017 is to examine the latest global trends in TVET Education.

Other objectives of the World TVET Conference 2017 are:

1. To bring together experts and researchers from around the world to share their knowledge of TVET.
2. To bring together educational leaders, scientists, educators and policy makers to promote and enhance collaboration with TVET and other educationalists.
3. To provide opportunity for TVET researchers, policy makers, educators, and the wider community to discuss and develop creative solutions to unresolved challenges in policies and programs.
4. A chance for researchers to present their research to their peers and VET practitioners.
5. To increase the global awareness of the importance of TVET and to promote effective actions to mainstream TVET around the world.
6. To have some well-deserved fun!

To ensure that the World TVET Conference 2017 meets its objectives the organising committee are looking for your input into the design of the of the conference programme.
Please allocate a ranking of the five conference focus areas below

Rank One Through Five
Skills and employment
Learning and teaching
Policy regulatory environment
What sort of Conference sessions would you prefer to attend?
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List any people you would like us to contact to present at World TVET Conference 2017
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