World TVET Conference, 12 - 15 September 2017, Queenstown New Zealand

Why New Zealand

New Zealand is… Awesome. Incredible. Beautiful. In fact, for travelers looking for an overseas experience, it might just be the best destination in the world. New Zealand is also spine-tinglingly, eye-poppingly amazing.

People forget that in New Zealand lies an alpine paradise, a place of almost unfairly beautiful scenery, of snow-capped peaks, azure lakes, rolling green hills and clear mountain streams.

New Zealand is breath taking. On a recent trip to Queenstown, the location for the IVETA World TVET 2017 Conference, a group of travellers spent most of their time wandering around in a daze exploring the untold beauty.

They were amazed with the international alps-like qualities of the Queenstown landscape, the mix of mountains and lakes, blue sky and green grass. They then drank a whole lot of local world-class Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc – everything seemed even better.

New Zealand is a country that does tourism right, that welcomes visitors with friendly faces, funny accents and an accessible country. To Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Dunedin, Lake Tekapo, Mt Cook and Queenstown.

Everyone is nice to you. Even the immigration guys have a sense of humour. One person wrote his profession down on a New Zealand arrivals card as "ninja". The immigration official read over the card, then looked up and down. "Where are your nunchucks and throwing stars, bro?"

Perhaps the best thing about New Zealand, however, is just that: it's little. You can see it all in a couple of weeks. You can ski in the morning and go wine tasting in the afternoon. You can be in a place like Auckland for lunch and Waiheke Island for dinner. You can climb a mountain and then eat a mountain of oysters.

And all of those experiences are affordable enough to actually do.

So when planning to come to World TVET 2017 take some time, maximise your invest into travel and explore this beautiful and diverse country.